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Bitcoin Cash: Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash (BCH)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) brings sound money to the world. Merchants and users are empowered with low fees and reliable confirmations. The future shines brightly with unrestricted growth, global adoption, permissionless innovation, and decentralized development. All Bitcoin holders as of block 478558 are now owners of Bitcoin Cash. All Bitcoiners are welcome to join the Bitcoin Cash community as we move forward in creating sound money accessible to the whole world.

I'm sorry for the noob post. I sent bitcoin to deep-sea market but no confirmations after 2 hours. I can't seem to get on deep-sea market either. Will my bitcoin come back if not confirmed? Has anyone used deep-sea market?

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How the US Elections Have and Will Impact the Price of Bitcoin

What Happened to the Price of Bitcoin in 2012 and 2016?

Presidential elections in the United States happen every four years — and it's interesting to note that they follow the same cycle as Bitcoin halving events.
‍Let's begin by taking a look at how Bitcoin fared in the past two U.S. elections. Back in 2012, when the crypto assets space was immature and in a very nascent phase, BTC was fairly muted when Barack Obama secured a second term, and stubbornly hovered around the $10.90 mark. Fast forward to November 2013, one year on from his re-election, and Bitcoin had surged by 2,221% to hit $253. However, it would be foolish to suggest that Obama had anything to do with this.
President Donald Trump's arrival in 2016 was much more interesting. When the result was first confirmed, Bitcoin shot up by 3.8% — from $709 to $736. Back then, the short-term surge was linked to the fact that Trump's victory took the stock market by surprise — and created uncertainty and volatility internationally. This resulted in demand for safe haven assets, and Bitcoin is regarded as one of them.
Shortly before the result was announced, crypto hedge fund manager Jacob Eliosoff had told Coindesk: "[If Trump wins] it would be an epic disaster in a bunch of respects — economic, geopolitical, democratic — and in the fear and chaos Bitcoin would be a defensive asset people could turn to."

How Will the U.S. Election in 2020 Affect Bitcoin?

The million-dollar (ahem, the 100 BTC) question is how digital currencies will react to the result this time. This presidential election is unusual for the markets because of how the coronavirus pandemic is dominating the news cycle. COVID could also end up affecting the speed of the result because of the volume of mail-in ballots.
It's highly possible that Bitcoin could remain fairly muted throughout the election if the result is clear. But here's a disclaimer: the outcome is shaping to be anything but.
Normally, the result is called by U.S. news networks in the early hours of the morning that follows the vote. But some experts are warning that ballots could take days or weeks to process this time around. All of this would create uncertainty for the U.S. dollar and the stock market, and this could contribute to a surge in demand for the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Donald Trump has also suggested that he may challenge the result of the upcoming U.S. election if he believes it is rigged. This would also spook the stock market, and again would work in the favor of cryptocurrencies and precious metals.
As you can see, the overarching theme here is certainty. Digital assets are unlikely to move much if there's a clear result and a peaceful transition of power — but expect turbulence if things start to get messy in Washington.
It is important to stress that not everyone agrees with this idea. Recent Bitcoin news has cast doubt on whether the cryptocurrency is the safe haven asset that everyone says it is — and some analysts argue that BTC is more closely correlated to the stock market than we think. In this scenario, we could see Bitcoin move in step with equities as they digest the news. Although Wall Street thinks a Trump win is unlikely, a second term for the Republicans is regarded as the preferable option in financial terms because of how Trump favors tax cuts.
‍Irrespective of who wins, there's going to be no shortage of crypto news...and there are so many questions to answer. Will the Fed finally start looking into CBDCs in a meaningful way? Will a stimulus package be approved? Are interest rates going to go negative? Will the USD weaken? Will Bitcoin return to its all-time high of $20,000 and embark on a new bull run? The rollercoaster ride for cryptocurrencies is far from over.
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Bitcoin soars to $12.9K as PayPal proves crypto is ready for everyone

This post was originally published on this siteThis post was originally published on this siteBitcoin (BTC) hit highs of $12,865 during trading on Oct. 21 as news that PayPal would support cryptocurrency continued to boost markets. Cryptocurrency daily market overview. Source: Coin360 BTC price closes in on 2019 highs Data from Cointelegraph Markets, Coin360 and TradingView confirmed Bitcoin’s best day in over […]
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sent 400usd in btc with blockchain 1sat/vb unconfirmed for 2 days worried itll never confirm (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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"We have just made depositing BCH on our #BitcoinExchange faster. After just 2 confirmations, your BCH will be securely with us! Try it now at"

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What Is Bitcoin Blockchain?

We will explain how Bitcoin blockchain works, in simple terms. First of all, Bitcoin is a digital asset and therefore does not have physical monetary value like a gold or fiat currency. Rather, Bitcoin is just a record on the Bitcoin blockchain that confirms Bitcoin ownership.
Bitcoin blockchain is a distributed ledger of timestamped Bitcoin transactions that are bundled into blocks. The Bitcoin blockchain is immutable and Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Bitcoin network consists of thousands of Bitcoin miners and Bitcoin nodes.

Role of Bitcoin Miners

The security of the Bitcoin network is ensured by Bitcoin miners. Bitcoin miners use powerful computers to solve complex cryptographic problems to validate Bitcoin transactions and receive a Bitcoin reward. This computing process is called “proof-of-work”.
The first miner that finds the solution to the cryptographic problem and creates a new Bitcoin block, receives a Bitcoin block award. This is how new bitcoins are created. Each Bitcoin block is mined every 10 minutes on average, which is roughly 144 blocks per day.
Besides block rewards, Bitcoin miners earn Bitcoin transaction fees that are currently much smaller than the block reward amount. Specifically, they receive transaction fees for verifying and processing Bitcoin transactions included in the block they have mined and added to the Bitcoin blockchain.
We expect that Bitcoin transaction fees will increase substantially once the last Bitcoin is mined and no more block rewards are available. Miners are driven by financial incentives and they tend to prioritize Bitcoin transactions with the highest transaction fees.

Bitcoin Improvements

A new Bitcoin block is created on average every ten minutes, with the block size limited to 1 MB. Therefore, Bitcoin block can accommodate only a limited number of Bitcoin transactions and it takes approximately ten minutes for Bitcoin nodes to verify them.
As a result, Bitcoin has a scalability problem because of the limited number of Bitcoin transactions that can be processed in a given time. Bitcoin community has been trying to resolve the scalability issue, considering various technical improvements of the Bitcoin protocol.
Fortunately, some of these attempts were successful. For example, Bitcoin technical improvement SegWit increased Bitcoin block size by removing signature data from Bitcoin transactions. The Lightning Network proposal aims to make Bitcoin scalable by introducing instant payments that occur off-chain. Lightning transactions offer considerably lower fees and faster settlement times than do Bitcoin on-chain transactions.
You can learn more about Bitcoin blockchain and how it works here.
Legal Disclosure: The information contained in this article is the property of Digital Finance LLC and cannot be republished without our prior permission.
Digital Finance is a Washington, DC, financial company that specializes exclusively in the Bitcoin market. We provide easy and compliant exposure to digital assets and help our customers from all over the world to instantly buy Bitcoin and earn up to 6% annually on their Bitcoin holdings.
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Bitcoin to Soon Confirm Buy Signal That Preceded 2017’s 2,000% Rally

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Investing Online in Cryptocurrencies: “AdBtc” Advertising Faucet

Last article of the triptych dedicated to Advertising Faucets thanks to which it is now possible to invest online in cryptocurrencies!
The last of the 3 Advertsing Faucets this month is AdBtc. Very similar in structure to a PTC Site but strongly devoted to advertising, both for those who want to make money through visualization and for those who want to take advantage of the platform to invest online in cryptocurrencies through the advertising channel offered by the site.

Investing Online in Cryptocurrencies
To register, you will need to enter your email address (which must be confirmed), Bitcoin address and password.
Once logged in, the interface that appears is very similar to that seen in many other sites of the sttore: 2 quick link links, one to how to earn and one to the advertising section.
On the left, a large menu bar that we will now describe in detail.

From top to bottom, you are shown the balance of the cryptocurrencies you have earned and the total that you have transferred to the advertising balance. Below, we have the item for transfers (Withdraw) for which you can choose whether to direct them to a personal wallet or the advertising balance just described. The Referral System item will show your Referral url in order to earn Bitcoins thanks to your subscribers (10% Bonus) while with Change Wallet you will change your Bitcoin address whenever you wish.

The AdBtc menu is clean, complete and offers all possible options.

Further below we have the Earn section, divided into 3 earning modes: Surf Ads, for which it is sufficient to leave the page that opens after pressing the Start button that will be found randomly on the screen open for a certain time ; Active Window Surfing, for which it will be mandatory to keep the mouse on the page open on the screen; Autosurfing, with which a page will open that will load several advertisements automatically until the timer expires.

Following, the Advertising section, also divided into Surf Ads, AWS and Autosurfing. In addition to being able to choose between these 3 ways to invest earned cryptocurrencies online, at the time of compiling the advertising campaign, the possibility will be offered to change the duration, select the number of unique visitors per day and increase the minimum rating of those who can. view advertising pages.

Thanks to the Referral Market you will literally have the opportunity to buy referrals that will immediately earn you a large number of Satoshi Bitcoins. Unfortunately, the average cost is quite high and there is no guarantee that "the work" carried out by the user will be sufficiently long-lasting to return the investment.

And finally, with the Help option, you can contact assistance if any problems arise, while with Payment Transactions you can view the list of all transfers made by users of the site to external Bitcoin wallets.

Greetings and see you next article!

If you liked this article and would like to contribute with a donation:

Bitcoin: 1Ld9b165ZYHZcY9eUQmL9UjwzcphRE5S8Z
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Bitcoin to Soon Confirm Buy Signal That Preceded 2017’s 2,000% Rally

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Does Trezor Wallet allow you to create a transaction with unconfirmed bitcoins?

Basically, I want to know if you can easily create a CPFP transaction on the Trezor. For example, you have 10 BTC in one of your Trezor accounts. You send someone 8 and let's say you set a super low fee of 1 sat/byte. The transaction sits unconfirmed for 1 day.
But since you know there is change coming back to you. Can you make another transaction from that account and select to send the 'MAX' amount of bitcoins (hoping the bitcoin in the change address will be included) and this time you set a super high fee so that the miner will pickup both the first low-fee transaction and also the second one?
I know this can be done in theory but I am wondering if the Trezor wallet will even allow you to try to 'spend' the change since it is unconfirmed? In other words, when you select to send 'MAX' on the Trezor will it select only confirmed bitcoins and ignore the BTC that are going into the change address from the previous transaction?
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Bitcoin to Soon Confirm Buy Signal That Preceded 2017’s 2,000% Rally

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07-02 07:54 - 'BTC technical analysis for July 2 nd: the trend reversal is confirmed' ( by /u/Jerco555 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 32-42min

BTC technical analysis for July 2 nd: the trend reversal is confirmed
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I just bought bitcoin, and I receive a "double spending" risk notification. It has been 2 hours and still not one confirmation. What should I do?

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List of Mempool explorers that tell you an estimate time for your transaction confirmation

As a Bitcoin user, you must have at some time experienced bitcoin transactions getting stuck and not getting confirmed. Bitcoin transaction fees fluctuates in real-time and using a low fee can sometimes make your transaction stuck in the mempool for hours.
Most transaction explorers tell you whether or not the transaction has confirmed but do not tell you how long it will take for the transaction to confirm. There are some that do give you an estimate of the average time it will take for your transaction confirmation. Here is a list you can use:
#1 This site shows you where your transaction is in a mempool and an estimated time for its confirmation.
#2 Blockonomics: This blockchain explorer is one of the few places where you are shown an estimated time for your confirmation along with other details of your transaction.
#3 Blockstream: Gives you an estimate of the number of blocks it will take for your transaction to be mined.
Some other sites that don't give information about your specific transaction but tell you an estimated time for confirmation based on the fees.
Edit: Addition to the list directly above:,24h
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12-10 04:34 - 'Sure friend, I'm always happy to help a fellow Bitcoiner. I will DM you my wallet address, you send the wallet .001 Bitcoin as a confirmation so I can confirm I have you correct wallet address and I will send you the 2 Bitcoin...' by /u/anon5111 removed from /r/Bitcoin within 8-18min

Sure friend, I'm always happy to help a fellow Bitcoiner. I will DM you my wallet address, you send the wallet .001 Bitcoin as a confirmation so I can confirm I have you correct wallet address and I will send you the 2 Bitcoin you need and your .001 Bitcoin back.
Don't let the terrorist win! DMing my address now!
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its confirm now billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones invest 2% of his assets in bitcoin. big whales is playiing with bitcoins

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[Blockchain Classroom] Lesson 15:How to transfer Bitcoin?

We all have our own bank accounts in life, and transfers are made between bank accounts. Similarly, Bitcoin transfer is the process of transferring Bitcoin from one Bitcoin address to another.

If you want to transfer bitcoins to others, you need to enter your bitcoin address, recipient address, transfer amount, and commission amount in the bitcoin trading platform, bitcoin wallet, or bitcoin client.

After the payment is confirmed, the transaction information will be broadcasted on the entire Bitcoin network after payment. Miners will pack unaccounted transactions in the Bitcoin network into a block every 10 minutes, which completes a confirmation, Bitcoin has been transferred to the other party's account at the time.

It usually takes 6 confirmations to ensure that the transaction records cannot be tampered with by anyone before the transfer is truly completed.
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its confirm now billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones invest 2% of his assets in bitcoin. big whales is playiing with bitcoins

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Crypto-Newits confirm now billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones invest 2% of his assets in bitcoin. big whales is playiing with bitcoins s

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Making money with Blockchain

Blockchain technology has been one of the hottest trends in the finance sector, with the potential to completely transform business models in a number of sectors. Blockchain works similarly to a massive digital ledgespreadsheet, which is shared by all the members of a decentralized network. While blockchain technology is most frequently associated with confirming Bitcoin payments, it has evolved into a complete technology platform based on adapting decentralized ledgers for operations.
So, how does one make money with this new technology platform?
Just as many investors have taken advantage of the opportunity to stockpile gold in anticipation of the rising price, other investors are taking advantage of the opportunity to stockpile Bitcoin and a variety of other coins.
The transparency and security of blockchain technology makes it attractive for use in a variety of different cases far beyond cryptocurrencies. It can be used in everything from stock trading to ride-sharing to data security.
As we move to the mainstream corporations, global entities continue to embrace the technology underlying bitcoin but that many blockchain projects have moved beyond the theoretical or testing phase, to producing real transactions, costs savings and other benefits. There are multiple opportunities that leverage the core underlying technology platform, the digital currency and the significant productivity and process improvements that are resulting from it. Investing in these companies is likely to produce solid long term gains.
The improvements in speed and security could be revolutionary as transaction times and trade costs decrease. You could even use blockchain to track property ownership in less developed nations and prevent concert or sports ticket counterfeiting right here in the United States.
Specifically, there are the companies that make chips and hardware for crypto mining. There are publicly traded companies that engage in actual cryptocurrency mining. Miners are rewarded with crypto for performing this service and can then sell it on the open market for profit. The gains are then passed on to shareholders.
Blockchain is based on a decentralized network. As a result, cloud-based technology companies are in an ideal position to take advantage of the growth of blockchain. Cloud-based companies that provide blockchain services will be a strong bet for growth down the road.
Blockchain is poised to disrupt the payment processing industry. It could cut out middlemen – companies like Visa, Mastercard & AmEx – by processing transactions more efficiently. Look for the older players to either take advantage of blockchain and adapt – or find themselves in big trouble.
There are even penny stocks for cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin is definitely the most well-known digital currency, there are a variety of specialty coins that have emerged over the last 10 years. In additional to investing in coins, there are a number of young companies that are investing in Blockchain and are listed on the junior exchanges. These companies offer exciting opportunities for growth to investors.
Crowdfunding, Angel funding and investing in startups is certainly not a new concept. There has been a tremendous amount of interest in investing in startups built on blockchain technology. As Bitcoin has become increasingly popular and accepted by more mainstream businesses, the number of entrepreneurs interested in experimenting with the technology behind the cryptocurrency has skyrocketed. Yet, as is the case with any other new venture, such startups need funding.
Blockchain technology’s cost and speed efficiencies, along with its transparency and security, will likely lead many companies to adopt the technology. Getting in on blockchain stocks now is a great way to be in on the ground floor when the technology really takes off.
TraQiQ has begun the process of moving the core platform for supply chain to Blockchain. As the company moves to leverage the power of transactions on this platform, it is likely that the Digital Currency component will play a significant role in fulfilling these transactions.
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Deposits on Binance: Why does Bitcoin (BTC) require 2 confirmations while Bitcoin Cash (BCH) only require 1?

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BITCOIN PUMPS TO $11k RANGE! HUGE BREAKOUT CONFIRMATION 2% ... Slow Bitcoin Transaction Confirmation? - Do This! - YouTube Demonstration of a Bitcoin Transaction How to Verify A Bitcoin Transaction  Bitcoin Transaction ... confirm your bitcoin transaction in 1 minute (blockchain wallet)

Bitcoin transaction confirmation is needed to prevent double-spending of the same money. One of the main advantages of bitcoin is that it avoids the problem of double-spending, i.e. the risk that a digital currency token may be copied and spent more than once.In spite of having no central authority to verify that its tokens are not being duplicated, bitcoin successfully avoids double-spending ... Each Bitcoin confirmations represents the total number of blocks that are generated since the block that has your transaction details. For better understanding let’s see how Bitcoin block confirmations work. How Bitcoin block confirmations work? Let’s say you send some Bitcoin to your Friend. Now before this transaction gets included in a block it goes into a pool of unconfirmed Bitcoin ... What Are Bitcoin Confirmations? Bitcoin confirmations are simply the number of blocks added to the blockchain with your transaction also being added to it. For example, you will see one confirmation on your transaction when the block containing your transaction is added to the blockchain. Similarly, as the next block is added after this block, you will see 2 confirmations on your transaction ... Bitcoin Confirmations and Blocks Summary. Bitcoin transactions are bundled into blocks. These blocks are inserted by Bitcoin miners into the Bitcoin ledger of transactions, known as the blockchain. If your transaction was inside a successfully mined block, you will see it receive 1 confirmation. Each block mined thereafter will award your transaction with an additional confirmation. It’s ... Bitcoin confirmations represent the number of blocks in the block chain that have been accepted by the network since the block that includes the transaction. In simpler terms it represents the difficulty of a double spend attack. With zero confirmations no proof of work has been done, so you can't tell if anyone considers the transaction valid. Even with a single transaction it is possible for ...

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This video demonstrates the speed and ease in which a bitcoin transaction can take place. The security is set to 0 confirmations so that it's near instantaneous. This is useful for low priced ... Go to Transaction Accelerator: View global Unconfirmed Transactions: What Are Bitcoin Blocks and Bitcoin Confirmations ? by 99Bitcoins. 2:02. The Path of a Single Bitcoin by 99Bitcoins. 2:12. What are Bitcoin Digital Signatures by 99Bitcoins. 1:12. What is Double ... What is a Bitcoin confirmation? - Duration: 2:59. Bitcoin Uncensored 4,559 views. 2:59. Blockchain - How To Verify A Bitcoin Transaction And Get Your Hash ID - Duration: 2:17. Crypto Currency ... A short simplified tutorial about Bitcoin blocks and confirmations for newbies. For the complete text guide visit: Join our 7-day Bitco...